PV High’s High School Musical – “Masterful”

PV High’s High School Musical – “Masterful”

Palos Verdes High School Drama presents High School Musical - pvhsdrama.com

Palos Verdes High School Drama presents High School Musical

“Congratulations to the cast, crew and production team of PV’s High School Musical. It was a masterfully staged, highly energized and well performed production of the highest quality. Above all everyone seemed to be having a blast! Well done again on another wonderful show.”

~~~Nigel Williams

PV High students let their freak flag fly in ‘Shrek’

PV High students let their freak flag fly in ‘Shrek’

Palos Verdes High School Drama presents Shek (Fiona) - pvhsdrama.com

Palos Verdes High School Drama presents Shek (Fiona)

While Palos Verdes High School shows are always great fun, the cast and crew have outdone themselves with their ebullient production of “Shrek,” which continues this weekend.

The students’ energy bursts like gas bubbles out of swamp water, and it’s clear everyone — from the student orchestra led by student conductor Zack DiLello to the freak-filled ensemble — is having the kind of fun found only in fairy tales. Backstage, a capable crew handles multiple sound cues and lightning-quick changes in scenes, costumes and makeup to bring the otherworldly kingdom of Duloc to life.

“It was the biggest production I’ve ever been part of,” PVHS Drama Director Nicole Thompson said. “This was the biggest crew we’ve ever had, because of the amount of hair and makeup and costumes, but it came together.”

The story is the well-known tale of unsuitable boy meets unattainable girl. But what a boy, and what a girl! Max Havas bursts into the title role with a voice as forceful as his character, who’s unhappy to find his isolated swamp has been overrun with fairy-tale “freaks” evicted from Duloc.

Havas, a junior who recently won second place in the National American Teachers for Singing competition, spends nearly two hours before each show putting on the prosthetics and makeup needed to play the tough ogre with the tender heart.

“This performance took a lot of work, because it’s such a huge show, and also the physical element of having the prosthetics on and being able to sing and act,” Havas said. “But it’s really a rewarding experience. It definitely adds a whole new level to the character, and I’m so happy I get to do it.” Shrek picks up a new friend in Donkey (played by Grant Unno) on his way to Duloc, where he meets its ruler, Farquaad, played by an expressive Terran Mueller, who walks, prances and dances on his knees.

~~~By Annie Lubinsky, Peninsula News | Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | Go to full article

PV High’s ‘Legally Blonde’ is seriously fun

PV High’s ‘Legally Blonde’ is seriously fun

PVHS Drama presents Legally Blonde

PVHS Drama presents Legally Blonde

Palos Verdes High School’s spring show, “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” was sold out its first weekend, and it’s easy to see why. From its opening number, “Omigod You Guys” to the finale, “Find My Way,” the musical’s peppy energy never stops. As we follow Elle, we learn life is like school — there’s a time to be frivolous, a time to be serious and always time to find your path.

The singing, stylin’ sorority sisters of Delta Nu spring into a colorful swirl of girlish energy barely contained, a world of ponytails and eyeshadow, cell phones and BFFs. From the frothy pink of exuberant sisterhood Elle emerges, the epitome of blonde beauty poised to make her entrance into adulthood. This is the night she’ll finally wear an engagement ring, and the Delta Nu sorority is there to cheer her on.

Kyra Johnson’s smooth, clear voice and expressive face give her portrayal of Elle a palpable determination, self-assurance and freshness. Having played the title roles in “Annie” and “Thoroughly Modern Millie” at the Norris Theatre, Johnson seems the go-to girl for conjuring defiant young women fighting for their dreams.

Reality hits Elle hard when Warner (played by Cole Graham) tells her that in his quest to get serious, he’ll have to let her go. Sadly for him — and fortunately for her — Warner underestimates Elle. In an action that’s a taste of things to come, she takes a decisive step, pursuing him all the way to Harvard Law School.

We endure culture shock and the scene moves from the neon world of Delta Nu to the somber hue and mood of Harvard, where academic and professional competition is cutthroat. Just as the path to Warner seems clear for Elle, her biggest obstacle looms: Vivienne Kensington (Valerie Skerkavich), his girlfriend. And she’s not cutting Elle any slack.

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“Urinetown is a hit!” – Mary Scott, Peninsula News

“Urinetown is a hit!” – Mary Scott, Peninsula News

PVHS Drama presents Urinetown - performance photo - pvhsdrama.com

PVHS Drama presents Urinetown

Nicole, You must be SO proud…that was simply the best production EVER, and you’re right, it was ‘magical’! I feel so grateful that Spencer has been a part of your program…I have SO enjoyed the entire experience as a parent, I thank you so very much for all of your love, expertise, talents and efforts – and will look back on all of this with such fond memories!’ You’re the BEST!!!

~~~Lisa Tanner

I usually don’t send out emails like this but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Urinetown SO much that I must. I went to the assembly and got a ticket right away for Saturday night because it looked so good and the rest of the play has SOOO much more goodness in it. I was laughing so much that I was tearing and messed up my makeup. I even started looking up YouTube clips of Urinetown when I got home (cuz I just couldn’t get enough, I wanted to see it AGAIN) and the ones done by other productions companies don’t come close to PVHS’s. It’s THAT good. Go see it. Tell your students to go see it!!!

~~~Jennifer Kim

Congratulations to you and your students for an excellent production of Urinetown. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it on Saturday night and rate it as one of the best plays we have seen. It is as good, if not better than the professional productions we have seen in recent years. Your students were brilliant! Thank you for allowing us to bear witness to your passion and creativity, as well as your talented students.

~~~Teri Kuwahara

The whole play was fabulous! Congratulations, Nicole! You guys rock every audience. I went to see it last night with my husband. I had never seen him laughing out loud so much in any public place like last night. We were talking about the cast and their performance all the way home. This play makes me so proud of our talented students in PV High. They are the best! If you haven’t seen it, you better get the ticket now. Only two shows left.


‘Urinetown’ is a hit…”

~~~Mary Scott, Peninsula News – go to full article